style decor in pretoria

Original house & gardens

Style Décor was established in 1965 by the parents of the present day owner and except for a short interlude of 4 years, the business has been in the family for 41 years.

Initially the ‘factory’ was an old chicken run with a total of 5 workers!

Over the years the business expanded and added many new ranges to the products it supplies. Initially the main focus was on garden products and ornamental building products, but as the demand changed the company adapted and added new products ranges and manufacturing materials to its repertoire.

Early manufacturing Area
Early manufacturing 2
The Chicken Run

The business was originally established as a Tea Garden (Chappy’s Tea Garden) and a small landscaping business. A limited range of planters, plaques and columns were manufactured and sold to the public.

Father & Son

Display Garden

Early display garden

In 1989 a large range of interior products were added to the range. These products included tables, coffee tables, servers and sculptures in a variety of colors and finishes. In 1991 the company exhibited these products at the Macef trade show in Milan Italy and they were very well received.

In 1989 a large steel structure was built (where the current interior showroom and boardroom are located) to accommodate the production of the interior products. In 1995 the factory was expanded by an excess of 1200sqm, the interior showroom by 800sqm and the exterior display area by 900sqm.

Display during the 90’s

In 2002 the factory was once again expanded to include a more specialized mould shop where all the masters, patterns and moulds are manufactured for the products manufactured by the company.

In 2004 the factory was once again expanded by another 2800sqm and thereby increasing the capacity drastically.

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